The Beer Geek's Guide to Chicago

Think about this: what if, instead of buying beer all the time, you could just make it and cut out the middleman? We know, pretty crazy idea -- but it's possible. You can start out small by ordering a homebrewing kit from Mr. Beer, which makes brewing beer as easy as stealing candy from a store staffed by babies. Or, sign up for a brewing class at Beef & Barley, in which you’ll get hooked up with a brewing kit and then leave the beer at the bar until it's ready to get picked up a month later. (The first class is March 7th and costs $35.) If you're really ready to get serious, also swing by these spots:
"I love The Beer Temple because it is both a bottle shop and video blog where you can learn to homebrew." -- Rob Sama, owner of Baderbräu Brewery (opening this spring)
"Brew & Grow. These guys have been around for a while and know the Chicago beer scene. Plus, they are always super helpful whenever I stop in, no matter how simple or complex my question.” -- Chris Quinn, owner of The Beer Temple